FDI Strategy Business Retention & Expansion Strategy


The goal of our strategies is to be effective and yield maximum results. To achieve this, we ensure that we use the latest and most comprehensive data to inform our approach and recommendations. We place the utmost importance on ensuring our strategies are practical so that they are well understood, viable, and easy to implement. As we are often on the hook for delivering strategies, we have an intimate understanding of what a sound strategy entails and what will actually work when deployed. While our global experience brings industry leading best practices to the table.

Our strategy services include:

Regions (IPAs, EDOs, Governments):

  • Investment Attraction Strategy
  • FDI Strategy
  • Business Retention & Expansion Strategy
  • Economic Development Strategy
  • Talent Attraction Strategy


  • Regional Benchmarking and Target Market Identification
  • Market Entry Strategy
Market Study Sector Study


We recognize that clients often require studies to inform their strategic planning or support the development and/or tailoring of existing strategies. With this in mind, our studies are robust yet easily integrated into existing or future plans and strategies. Our studies provide rich businesses intelligence providing you with the insight you need to make the best-informed decisions.

Our studies include:

Regions (IPAs, EDOs and Governments):

  • Sector Study
  • Market Study
  • Regional Benchmarking (Competitive Analysis)
  • Supply Chain Analysis


  • Regional Benchmarking (Competitive Analysis)
  • Market Study
  • Incentives Study
Market Study Sector Study


Our training programs build capacity, strengthen capabilities and increase the effectiveness of your teams. All of our programs are custom designed based on the specific needs of your organization whether that means enhancing your business development and marketing function or bolstering your aftercare and investor relations function, or augmenting your lead generation capabilities. In addition to doing all of these activities ourselves with great success, we also benefit from tapping into our deep global experience and leveraging the best practices we have encountered in other markets and then customizing to ensure they are well adapted for your region.

Our training programs include (but not limited to):

  • FDI Strategy
  • Aftercare and Business Retention & Expansion
  • Talent Attraction
  • Destination Marketing
  • Developing Value Propositions
  • Investor Targeting
  • Investor Facilitation & Inquiry Handling
In-Market Representation Target list development

In-Market Representation

We have access to a global network of in-market representatives whom we leverage as required based on the needs of the project. Our team has extensive experience, having personally represented dozens of clients and having marketed to, met, and nurtured literally hundreds of investors to aid them in successfully establishing projects.

Our in-market representation services include:

  • Investor targeting
  • Lead generation
  • Tradeshow attendance
  • Roadshows
  • Seminar organization and/or attendance
  • Conducting meetings with investors
  • Proposal development and responding to RFIs (request for information)
  • CRM updating and detailed reporting
In-Market Representation Target list development
Value Proposition Development

Value Proposition Development

Given our experience with building strategies, conducting market studies, benchmarking studies, building numerous value propositions for clients, as well as pitching to investors via lead generation or in-market representation, we have a keen sense of what makes a value proposition resonate. As such, we meticulously construct value propositions that are compelling and assist you to differentiate your region from the competition.

Our value proposition services include:

  • Value proposition content/copy creation
  • Regional Benchmarking (Competitive Analysis)
  • Flyer and/or Brochure design
  • Investor Pitch Deck design
  • Microsite design
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